Employment History

The following represents Ian Feldman’s recent employment history. References are available from each employer upon request.

City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security

June 2012 to Present

The Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security is responsible for the City of Houston’s preparedness activities for major emergencies such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and public health emergencies.

From June 2012 through September 2012, Ian Feldman was hired as an intern under the Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program. Starting in September 2012, he was hired as a full-time preparedness planner under the Urban Area Security Initiative grant program. His job tasks include managing social media accounts, maintaining related websites, developing new preparedness materials for public distribution, and assisting with the operation of various events promoting emergency preparedness.

Harris County Emergency Corps
Formerly Harris County Emergency Services District One

August 2007 to Present

Harris County Emergency Corps is the agency contracted by Harris County Emergency Services District One (HCESD-1) to provide emergency medical services to an area of northern Harris County, outside of Houston, TX. The service operates six full-time 9-1-1 ambulances, two Critical Care Transport ambulances, and peak-hours ambulances as needed. The population of HCESD-1’s district is largely lower-income, and consists entirely of unincorporated areas of the county.

Ian Feldman’s primary role with this service is as a Licensed Paramedic In-Charge. He primarily works for the service’s Events Division, providing patient care at professional sporting events and concerts in Houston. In addition, he works as the lead paramedic on HCEC’s 9-1-1 ambulances, is on its Bicycle Medical Operations Team, and is a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Previously, when he worked for HCEC full-time, he held the additional duties of Reserve Program Coordinator (screening applicants, conducting orientations, and managing administrative issues for the department’s over thirty volunteer personnel) and Station Captain at Fallbrook Station (oversaw maintenance issues for the station, managed a trial satellite stockroom containing medical supplies for the two trucks housed at the station, and served as an administrative point of contact for the station’s sixteen medics).

Ian Feldman began his time with at HCESD-1 in August of 2007 as a volunteer. He later transitioned to part-time staff, and then to full-time. As of 1 June 2011, HCESD-1 spun off all operations into Harris County Emergency Corps, a not-for-profit EMS provider. Ian Feldman continues to work for this new organization.

Northwest Volunteer Fire Department

January 2011 to Present

The Northwest Volunteer Fire Department is a private non-profit entity contracted by Harris County Emergency Services District 20 (formerly Harris County Rural Fire Protection District 20) to provide fire suppression and rescue services to an area of northwest Harris County, outside of Houston, TX. The service operates out of three stations, and has five engines, a tower ladder, a rescue truck, two rehab vehicles, and command and support staff. The stations are staffed by a paid duty crew during weekday business hours, but evenings and weekends the department relies entirely on volunteers.

Currently, Ian Feldman is a Volunteer Firefighter with the department. He also has additional duties as the Out-of-District Volunteer Coordinator. In that position, he is responsible for tracking the time put in by the department’s volunteers who do not live in its service area and providing orientations to prospective members.

Rice University EMS

June 2006 to Present

Rice University EMS is a student-founded and student-run ALS First Responder Organization, serving Rice University and the surrounding area. The service is staffed primarily by student volunteers who have state EMS certifications, student supervisors who receive a stipend, and one paid staff director. The department also teaches Emergency Medical Technician and Advanced EMT courses and provides AHA CPR and First Aid training.

Currently, Ian Feldman serves as an EMS Instructor. He co-instructs the EMT-Basic course, precepts clinical shifts, and is responsible for scheduling student ambulance rotations. He is also a Reserve Lieutenant, acting as a supervisor when needed and fulfilling administrative tasks as assigned by the EMS Director. He started in the department in 2006 as a volunteer duty crew member, rising to the rank of In-Charge, where he was responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations on his shift, serving as the lead patient care provider, and managing the duty crew EMTs he worked with. He has held the positions of Operations Lieutenant, where he oversaw supplies, maintenance, and administrative issues for duty crew EMTs, and Communications Supervisor, where he managed radios, pagers, computers, and other technologies used by the department.

National Collegiate EMS Foundation

February 2012 to Present

The National Collegiate EMS Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to supporting, promoting, and advocating for EMS squads on college and university campuses. It was founded in 1993 and currently has over 200 organizational members. In addition, the foundation helps students gain leadership skills, helps foster connections between agencies, and promotes research and education in EMS.

Ian Feldman serves as the Central Regional Coordinator with NCEMSF. In this position, he is responsible for serving as a liaison between the national organization and schools in fourteen states. His duties include assisting new squads with start-up issues, promoting achievements made by squads in his region, and ensuring that squads remain active with the national organization. He also assists the organization’s IT team with administration of its Joomla-based website. This is a volunteer position.


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