Ian Robert Moshe Feldman

My name is Ian Feldman. I work for the City of Houston as the regional administrator web-based system used to catalog critical infrastructure. My work with the City of Houston began in 2012 on an emergency preparedness public awareness campaign.

Prior to that, I worked as a paramedic with Harris County Emergency Corps (formerly HCESD-1), outside of Houston, TX. In addition, I am a volunteer firefighter with the Northwest Volunteer Fire Department, and serve as an EMS Instructor with Rice University EMS, where I started my EMS career and still hold the rank of Reserve Lieutenant.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree (major in mathematics and minor in sociology) from Rice University in May 2009, and received as Masters of Science in Threat and Response Management (Administrative Track) from the University of Chicago in June 2011. As part of my graduate work, I conducted research on the relationship between religion and risk perception.

For more information about me, please feel free to browse the other pages on this website. Or, if you have questions, simply contact me.

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